Darmman medical is the largest medical market in the Middle East with its product range reaching 10000 products, reasonable prices and original product guarantee.
Darmman Medikal, a Silver Star Group company establishment, aims to bring together the world's best brands in the medical field in the Middle East market with healthcare professionals and patients at safe and affordable prices, with its showroom and website darmmanmedical located in Erbil Gulan center.
It is very important for the functioning of health institutions that medical products are in the right place at the right time. It should be obtained quickly and used as needed. A disruption in the supply chain can negatively impact the entire treatment process in a hospital. For this reason, the logistics and storage of medical and medical products require a separate expertise.
As DARMMAN Medikal, we provide services in the field of medical and medical product supply with our temperature and humidity controlled warehouses and equipment. We carry all products with precision, we always keep the importance we attach to health at the highest level by following all procedures related to storage. We deliver all medical supplies to you under favorable conditions.
Our warehouse in Erbil allows us to keep all surgical equipment and medical supplies in top condition. We organize the needs of our customers in the best way for urgent deliveries, and we deliver them carefully from our Erbil warehouse and medical store to the end user.

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