AeroChamber Z-STAT Medium Age 1-5 Yellow

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For asthma patients 
Aerochamber™ It is the world's highest quality product brand that provides the highest and highest quality treatment by keeping the drugs coming from pMDI (aerosol inhaler) suspended in the air thanks to its special structure. suitable for use in one age range, leakproof. 
Exhalation valve: Robust design with low resistance that does not interfere with exhalation. 
Dynamic Flow design: Increases the suspended time of particles   
Aerodynamic Chamber: A design that maximizes the fine-particle dosage made of a unique 149 ml, flexible and break-resistant polymer blend and allows the aerosol drug to hang in the air. 
> Specially designed for children (1-5 years old).
With mask.
Special breath control valve.
Anti Static Mask Inhaler for Children.
Can be used for one to five years old.
Easy to Wash, Easy to Use.
Breath monitoring with special breathing valve.
Universal adapter.
Made in Canada with 2 years warranty.

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