Betafix Elastic Fixation Tape / Patch Hypoallergenic 10m x 15cm

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Betafix Elastic Fixing Tape / Patch Hypoallergenic 10m x 15cm



Betafix is a hypoallergenic medical plaster made of porous, elastic nonwoven fabric. Its porous structure passes the skin moisture and allows the skin to breathe. Its hypoallergenic adhesive does not irritate the skin and does not cause maceration. Its elastic structure easily adapts to body folds and joints. The protective paper on the back is easily opened and applied. It is permeable to X-rays, X-rays can be taken without removing it.



Use areas
Catheter, bandage, dressing materials, etc. in fixing materials.
In a way that does not hinder movement, especially in the joint, bony and protruding parts of the body.
Used for patients with sensitive skin.

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