Minion MN 1508 Dental World Denture Box - With Strainer

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Minion Denture Box with Strainer


Designed to easily wash, rinse and store your dentures.

It is extremely easy to use and practical.

Easy to clean.

The material used in its production complies with European health norms.


Open the lid of the Minion Denture Cleaning Container with Strainer for denture cleaning.

Remove the filtered part inside.

Put water and a denture cleaning tablet in the bowl.

Put your denture with the strainer.

Put the strainer into the container where you placed your prosthesis.

Your prosthesis will be submerged in water with tablets.

Leave it for a few minutes or optionally all night.

Remove the prosthesis with the strainer.

Rinse your prosthesis with plenty of water.

Pour remaining water and clean the strainer bowl.

Please remember to clean your bowl after each use.

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