Omron CompAIR Eco Compressor Nebulizer

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Omron CompAIR Eco Compressor Nebulizer


CompAir has Eco inhalation and a high visible mist rate.
It can be used by the whole family as the device is non-stop ready.


Easy to use and to maintain (clean) inhaler OMRON.
penetrates deep into the lower respiratory tract, and produces particles of small size, deposited in the alveoli . This is especially important for asthmatic patients.
It has a high velocity of inhalation and visible fog. It can be used by the whole family, as the device is ready to work non-stop.
A simple, effective and reliable treatment.
Grain size: MMAD = 2.61 microns.
Tempo nebulization: 0.35 ml / min.
Capacity of drug: maximum 12 ml. Correct amount of drug 2-12 ml.
Skin operation: 61.5 dB.
Weight about 1.1 kg (compressor only).

Nebulizer kit.
Air hose, PVC , 100 cm.
A drug r conservatory.
 mask for children & adults.

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