Polaris Hot - Cold Thermogel 26cm x 35cm

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Polaris 26 X 35 cm Hot - Cold Thermogel Usage Area:

- To prevent swelling and bruising caused by impact and fall.
- Relief of regional pain, Accelerating blood flow.
- Headache.
- Fever.
- Insect stings.
- First aid, Dentistry, Sports accidents.
- In areas recommended by doctors.
 Polaris thermogels need to be  heated or cooled beforehand. 
 Then it is wrapped in a thin cloth and applied to the desired area.
 Hygienic because they are disposable.
 In 2-3 seconds It is ready to use, it is practical.
 It is natural as it is drug-free and does not cause any allergies.
 No shelf life, does not spoil.
 Requires no storage condition.

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