Progetti Rescue Sam AED Defibrillator Device with Carrying Case

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Progetti Rescue Sam AED Defibrillator Device - With Carrying Case


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WAVEFORM: BTE (two-phase truncated exponential type); balanced impedance.
ENERGY: Fixed 200J according to new ERC 2015 norms.
- Adult: 200 J nominally into 50 Ωloads.
- Infant/child: less than 50J using optional attenuated child pillows.
- SHOCK ENERGY ACCURACY : According to IEC EN60601-2-4.
- PROTOCOL: Voice commands and indicators guide the user through the protocol.< /div>
- PACEMAKER: detection and rejection.
- CHARGING CONTROL: It is done automatically by the software (arrhythmia detection system and charge control).
- CHARGING FROM "SHOCK ADVICE" TIME TO HAPPEN: typically less than 8 seconds with new battery.
- VOICE INSTRUCTIONS: detailed voice messages guide the user while using the defibrillator.
- CONTROLS: Shock button, information button, On/Off button.
INDICATORS: LEDs (different color), information -button.
Voice prompts (press the red shock button).
Flashing red shock button.
- DISARM: After charging, RESCUE SAM will self-discharge when:
If the patient's heart rhythm changes to a rhythm that cannot be shocked, or
SHOCK button is not pressed within 15 seconds after charging, or
To turn OFF, if the ON/OFF button is pressed, or
If defibrillator pads are removed from the patient or the pad connector is disconnected.
- SHOCK DELIVERY: Pressing the SHOCK button while the defibrillator is loaded will deliver the shock.
- SHOCK DELIVERY VECTOR: anterior-anterior (front-front) (Cable II) position, adult< /div>
with defibrillator pads or through energy-reduced child pads when in the anterior-posterior (anteroposterior) position.
- BATTERY: 12 Volt DC , 4.2 Ah lithium manganese dioxide, disposable, long life.
BATTERY CAPACITY: min. 200 shocks or 4 hours of continuous runtime.
Daily Self-tests: test internal circuit assembly, wave distribution system, battery capacity, and software.
Battery Insertion Test: After battery insertion, extensive automated tests and user-interactive tests check device readiness.
Special data download interface.
< div>Optional custom battery pack for data transfer.
Data stored : The first 60 minutes of the ECG and the events in the whole case and the analysis result.
- DIMENSIONS: 80x300x270 mm.
- WEIGHT: 2.2 kg with battery installed.
- Standard content:< /div>
Main unit.
Disposable adult defibrillation pads.
Disposable battery pack.
Supplied with carrying case.

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