Santebebe SB-609 Mini Breast Milk Pump 2-in-1

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Santebebe Breast Pump
The best assistant for mothers who have difficulty in breastfeeding their babies due to various reasons.
Effective solution in milking and storage methods in the workplace due to premature birth, cesarean delivery, milk deficiency, nipple infections, cleft palate, cleft lip, etc. It is used for. >
In addition to its easy use, it will increase the amount of milk by imitating the sucking movements of your baby with the natural vacuum.
Being in a size that can be easily carried by working mothers in their bags, it does not exceed the normal milking time the dick will prevent weaning situations.

Technical specifications:

Electric and battery powered.
Comfortable and easy to use.
Automatic mode pressure and rhythm adjustment feature to imitate baby sucking effectively.
With suction power adjustment button.
Milking vacuum level adjustment.
Full automatic mode selection : suction-release, relax cycle function.
Semi-automatic mode selection: suction-release function with push button.
Addition of silicone breast shield.
Lightweight and handheld.
Silicone bottle teat.

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